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Super Switch Wiring Diagram 2 Humbuckers - Oct 20, 2015  · I have two Fender Blacktop Strats, with a super switch. My is wired: Position 1: Bridge Position 2: Outer Coils Position 3: Both Pickups Position 4: Inner Coils Position 5: Neck The diagrams and descriptions do not match, the way it was wired. This includes the information from Fender. Much as your positions and image, do not match.. Dec 03, 2012  · Guitar has 2 humbuckers and a 5 way super switch installed. It is currently wired: 1 bridge series 2 no clue 3 both humbuckers series I believe 4 neck parallel. 2 Humbuckers, 1 Volume, 1 Tone With 5 Way Super Switch Neck Pickup.022 uF AP Bridge Ground Wire 500K Vol 500K Tone Jack Socket Key Ground connection. Usually soldered to rear of volume pot.

This is an important concept to understand when designing custom wiring for this switch. Installation The switch requires a 1/16" x 1-1/8" long slot and two 1/8" diameter mounting holes located 1. Hey all, Need some help with a wiring diagram! I've got a guitar with two humbuckers and one volume pot. No tone or anything. Has a 3 way blade switch. 2 humbucker wiring: the "Humbucker Lover's": This wiring uses a 5-way switch, includes both humbuckers individually and adds tones using coils from both pickups to create other humbucker-style tones. The following diagrams are shown as wiring diagrams rather than schematics for the benefit of the novice..

Nov 18, 2015  · I'm building an HH strat with 1 vol & 2 tone controls and a 5 way switch. What I'd really like to do is wire it to be able to split the humbuckers in positions 2. Nov 08, 2012  · I have a standard strat.I bought everything i need for a new complete loaded pickhuard. 2 seymour duncan pickups a distortion and a 59, both 4 conductor. I have 3 500k pots and a 5 way super switch that came with the big apple wiring kit I ordered.. Sep 19, 2017  · HSH wiring diagramm with 5-way super switch & push/pull pot. Harmonious Notes. Forum-Related Info. Diagram Key: Orange - Humbucker CT line Purple - Humbucker H line Blue - Switched Circuit The output is on the bottom of Pole A of the super switch. I actually managed to wire this up though the behavior ended up being a little different.

Nov 29, 2014  · Another Breja ToneWorks (DIY) video - this time we'll go over wiring up a HSH guitar with the ability to add 2 more pickup combinations, dual capacitors and. "Wiring Diagram for 2 Humbuckers 2 tone 2 volume 3 way switch i. traditional LP set up" "Top Musical Instrument Tips" "Duncan to Dimarzio pickup swap questions.". Mar 24, 2015  · I'm explaining how a Fender 5 Way Switch works and making my own wiring Diagram in this video..

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